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Who are we?

  • We are the people that you have probably read about on the various travel forums. If not, then maybe you've been recommended by some of our friends who have sailed with us aboard Santorini.
  • We hope that you choose one of our tours, and become some of our many friends who have enjoyed a day or more with us exploring Santorini Island in Greece.
  • We offer both private and group Santorini sailing tours and excursions on our Luxurious Yachts.
  • All of our tours are safe, accessible, affordable, and fun for everyone, and the cost starts from 95 Euro for the standard 5 hours tour, including a free transfer from/to the yacht.

Santorini Sailings


Our highly experienced Captains and crews have a complete knowledge of all conditions ensuring that you arrive safely and comfortably to the best Santorini locations.

You plan the dream, let Us bring it to Life!


About us

Good day, my name is Nikos Sirigos and I am your host. I am a license travel agent in Fira Santorini.

I personally guarantee for any of our Santorini Sailing Tours you will book via this website.